Programming therapeutics with our MIMIC™ platform

Our MIMIC platform is capable of mimicking the interactions between molecules with exquisite accuracy by capturing their natural dynamics at the point of interface. 

Measuring these interactions at this level allows us to create unprecedented, high-resolution maps of a pharmacophore – the set of essential features of a molecule that elicit a highly specific action.  

Integrating massively parallel assays and machine learning, our MIMIC platform systematically isolates pharmacophores to design novel mimetic compounds, where properties such as function, specificity, selectivity, and multi-targeting can be ideally programmed.

By building MIMIC around the pharmacophore, we can radically reduce the scale of drug design’s computational challenge. Then we are able to precisely predict how changes to a mimic will meaningfully impact its function, allowing us to program them to trigger the desired biological response.

How the MIMIC platform works

  • Unlock intractable targets

    Seeing pharmacophores in high resolution enables unprecedented mimicry of even the most intractable molecular interactions.

  • Design for function

    We can program a mimic to have ideal properties for the indication we are targeting such as function, specificity, selectivity and multi-targeting.

  • Define specificity

    We can minimize off-target interactions by precisely tuning a mimic for desired specificity.

  • Choose the ideal modality

    We can stamp mimics into any therapeutic format.